13.9. 2019


30.8. 2019
Interview E15

Interview with our CEO.

24.7. 2019
About Project Green Resort

We are part of the team.

13.6. 2019
Stroll with us of the most modern resort surrounded by beauty of Georgia.

6.6. 2019
Presentation of the Green Resort Project at the Czech Embassy in Tbilisi

The entire concept of our Green Resort project was presented at the Czech embassy in Tbilisi on 5 December, 2018. Members of the Green Resort team took part in the meeting, together with our business partners, as did the head architects from the design studios.

11.4. 2019
Green Resort Project Master Plan Presentation

The goal of the Green Resort project is to build a resort that will reflect current healthy lifestyle trends and environmentally- friendly construction trends.

The resort will be an ideal spot for a holiday, as well as offer a great place to live, surrounded by breathtaking nature and architecture based on Georgian tradition. This area lies next to the sea and to the urban town Kobuleti.

A high-rise, five-star hotel looks over the resort, encompassing the public and rehabilitation spas and the medical center. The hotel acts as a threshold, separating the main urban space form the green areas of the resort.

The urban part, which is closer to the sea, comprises typical city features – streets, residential zones close to sporting venues and large public buildings. The heart of the green center includes a lake where the Ochkhamuri River meets the Shavi-Gele River; it is surrounded by a line of individual villages with the residential villas.

1.3. 2019
A Visit from the Deputy Minister and a Green Resort Project Presentation

Deputy Minister Tornike Rijvadze, together with Financial Minister Jaba Phutkaradze and his government team from the Autonomous Republic of Adjara, visited the Chybík + Krištof Architects & Urban Designers Architect Studio in Prague.

They participated in the discussion regarding our Green Resort project following the presentation of the various stages of construction of the individual buildings. The government representatives were excited by our ideas on sustainable architecture in the green city and continue to collaborate with us on this project.

22.2. 2019
Meeting with Regard to the Various Stages of Construction of the Individual Green Resort Buildings

Our creative team does what it knows best – they create a new vision for the architecture of modern-day Georgia and move this unique global project ahead towards completion.

4.2. 2019
Green Resort Project Signing Ceremony

The Green Resort company signed a contract with the Adjara government for the purchase of 179 hectares of land for our project on 27 March, 2019 .The capital will come mainly from the Czech Republic and the majority of the Green Resort company is owned by Czech citizens.

This is a recreational resort project on the coast of the Black Sea near Kobuleti, which will include apartment houses, bungalows, spas, golf courses and a brewery. The construction of this complex will include in an investment of tens of billions of Czech Crowns and will bring in more than 500 jobs to the region.

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